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The third and final album by the original Love line-up, "Forever Changes" regularly draws epic praise. Rolling Stone described it as 'elegant armageddon' when listing it as #40 in the '500 Greatest Albums Of All Time' and, placing it in the context of the late 60s in another rave review, called it, 'one of the most distinctive masterpieces in that era of masterpieces'. A landmark work that is the LA-based psychedelic folk-rock pioneers most fully realised studio effort.

Neil Young was originally planned to produce the album but when he dropped out at the last minute it fell to Elektra in-house producer Bruce Botnik along with Love co-founder / frontman Arthur Lee. Rumoured drug problems and band fall-outs created a tense atmosphere but one which resulted in an album of intricately arranged acoustic guitar, swelling strings and Spanish horns combined with morbid and foreboding lyrics which prophesized an end to the golden age."Forever Changes" has remained high atop critic's Top 10 lists since its original 1968 release, and its influence today can be felt stronger than ever. A masterpiece of psychedelia!

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