Goodbye, Asshole

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Silver Current Records

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Goodbye, Asshole is the first studio album by San Francisco scuzz-wave merchants Fuckwolf—its a rat’s nest of deep grooves, lost ’70s rock riff intentions and art punk damage. These conundrums of time inform Goodbye, Asshole, but they are hardly romanticized in its music. The band, Eric Park (bass, vocals), Simon Phillips (drums) and Tomo Yasuda (guitar) sound blazing and scuzzy, a tight low-fi energy blasted onto tape at renowned Bay Area indie studios summarizing the last twenty years of San Francisco’s wild artistic soul – one that is now hard to find much evidence of in the city itself, but impossible to miss in the band’s sound. Fans of OSEES, Pink Fairies, late ’70s NYC, Emotional Rescue-era Stones, trashy post-punk dub and solvent-huffing rejoice!


Barry says: Fuzzed-out guitars, syncopated percussion and psychedelic double-dropped vocals all mixed together in a lysergic soup, smashed through some distortion pedals and presented for your listening pleasure. It's undeniably heavy, hugely in keeping with the legendary SF garage rock scene, and a great listen.


1. Flamin' Hot Cheetos
2. King Cake Stakeout
3. White Claw
4. Beef Broth
5. My Life
6. Nu Shooz
7. SF?
8. Hi Skool
9. Bats
10. Rock Song #1

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