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Legacy Echo Volume 1

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Legacy Echo Recordings

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Legacy Echo is a new UK based hip-hop record label. Their first release is "Legacy Echo Volume 1" which brings 15 talented beat makers from all over the world together for a instrumental hip-hop journey.

Featuring: Damon Flores (Utrecht, Netherlands), Lone Apostrophe (Manchester), Amed One (Portland, Oregon), Nikkuubeats (San Diego, US), Beat Finder General (North West, UK), Chilla Ninja (Manchester, UK), Tommy Vamoz (Netherlands), Mellowsphere (Lucerne, Switzerland), Sturks (Pittsburgh, PA), Jon Fu (Birmingham), Rawson (Croydon), Raky Mcfly (Berlin), TNK (Czech Republic), Thomas Tempest (Bromley) and Dylan Sykes (Manchester UK).

It's a nicely blunted set - with the artists involved seemingly inspired by the golden era of beat making - clearly demonstrated by the abundance of various MPC shots in the CD's inlay! Think MF DOOM, DJ Shadow, Rob Swift, DJ Premier - and thankfully, the quality of these instrumentals is really quite high. Perfect for practicing your cypher or your scratches, as much as it's great for a smoke out in the Range Rover! It's head noddingly boom-bap delicious throughout - CHECK! 


Matt says: Nice selection of blunted beats forged by a new generation smiths. For stoners, swaggerers, MCs and guys n gals who like to bump the jeep around the ring road at night.


Beat Finder General - Higher Level
Lone Apostrophe - Live Wires
Amed One - Hear Me Out One Time
Chilla Ninja - House On The Mountain
Thomas Tempest - Live As It Gets
Raky McFly - Pressure
Nikkuubeats - Word
Damon Flores - Locks & Loaded
TNK - Ice And Fire
Mellowsphere - Misty Dreams
Sturks - Underworld
Dylan Sykes - Can't Touch Me
Tommy Vamoz - Roaming
Jon Flu - Beat Patterns
Rawson - Coasting

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