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Kolinga on Underdog Records is a truly spectacular album blending from multilingual songs that encapsulate soul and energy throughout.

"I wanted to talk about what I know best, which life from my perspective" Rébecca M'Boungou is not unaware of the universal part of her mixed race life so many upheavals, splendors, melancholies, pleasures or pains present in this century. Kolinga tells much more than the musical adventure of a dark-skinned country girl from southwestern France who expresses herself in French, English and Lingala on a music which drawsfrom pop, Congolese rumba, jazz, soul, song, hip hop...”


1. Mister Unknown
2. Mama (Don't Let Me)
3. Ça Va Aller (Mbo Buba)
4. Les Fantômes
5. I Can See You
6. Inner Truth
7. Je Ne Suis Pas De Ce Monde
8. Fire
9. Mateya Disko
10. Je Suis Née Sous La Lune

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