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Reflexiones / Siempre

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Peruvian sax player Nilo Espinosa and his group, also known as the Nil's Jazz Ensemble only ever recorded one album in 1976 and it, remains not only as one of the truly grails for collectors of Latin-American jazz fusion but also as an outstanding piece of music on its own.

Two of the best tracks have been licensed for a 45 release for the very first time by Mukatsuku Records.

On the main track Reflexiones Oscar Stagnaro dramatic bass riffs kick off the track before heavy drum break beats from Andres Silva lead way opening up to fine funky brass work from Nilo Espinosa, Ary Quispe and Pancho Saenz before Miguel Figueroa on electric piano jazz fine jazz solo and then the dramatic finish with the brass again for the ultimate end of night track. On the flipside with Siempre peak time jazz fusion showcasing Nilo on alto saxophone and Miguel on Mellotron keys.


1. Reflexiones
2. Siempre

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