Sonido Verde De Moyobamba

Sonido Verde De Moyobamba

Image of Sonido Verde De Moyobamba - Sonido Verde De Moyobamba
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Analog Africa

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Formed in 1980 by guitar prodigy Leonardo Vela Rodriguez, Sonido Verde de Moyobamba created some of the hardest, craziest Cumbia to emerge from the Peruvian jungle. With distorted, surf- addled guitar facing off against lysergic organ and hyperactive tropical rhythms, Sonido Verde conjured the organic sound of the dense forests surrounding their hometown while riding their dance- party grooves to dizzying psychedelic peaks. Compiled by Analog Africa, Sonido Verde de Moyobamba presents eight ultra- rare tracks of guitar and organ madness drawn from the band's five albums recorded for Discos Universal between 1981 and 1987.


El Limoncito
La Longuita
La Danza Del Vampiro
Alegria Verde
Maria Esther
El Borracho

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