Sexo Y Fantasia


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Macadam Mambo

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Macadam Mambo launches another special LP to end the 2022 season, presenting the debut album of this Belgo-Italian aural freak show called Sexo Y Fantasia. A delicious record full of sun by aspect, dreamy, dubby and Balearic in the tone, flavored and contrasted with little bits of darkness and tension in the background. As the name suggests it, the sexiness is in every note, the erotic male voice is floating all over it, surfing on waves of endless reverb and delay. Throughout being anchored with clear hints from the 80’s and 90’s, this 35 minutes oeuvre still keeps full modernity in its form. DJ-friendly, it’s also an excellent overall listening experience to enjoy from beginning to end while sipping a fancy cocktail somewhere out in a cosmic dreamland.

Don’t miss this joint, alongside Moogy Coast on their sublabel Horisontal Mambo they’re two highly evocative, seductive and exotic long players for your to take to the bedroom or the beach. Recommended! 


Barry says: Dubby digital percussion and bit-crushed minimal synth lines coming together into a sleazy, throbbing mass. Full-spectrum cosmic dreaminess, produced perfectly and pressed on lovely vinyl. Perfect for the slowly gyrating dancefloor.


A1. 23
A2. Love Delivery
A3. Oneirotic
A4. Intimate Life
A5. Cherry Coca
B1. Polylove Cha Cha Cha
B2. Luce
B3. Drama Queer
B4. Desire Of Mind 

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