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Vessel 05: Miris & Norachi

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Vessel recordings present a special artist split featuring label heads Norachi & Miris. A and B. Miris gets us underway with a hi-tek stepper. Metallic atmos, fathoms deep bass rumbles and echoed-out stabs building up a highly electric dub-techno mix. With those on-the-one hats nodding to the great legacy of dub music. Easy to reference Basic Channel here but this is a different flavoured broth.

Norachi up the energy and the swing for a dreamy piece of dub-infused deep house music. Containing nice 808 subs, a shoulder-dropped beat and warm stabs with a vox hook swathed in delay there's plenty of room for the fluttery, sparse melodies to make an impact. If you liked CV313 then you'll buzz hard off this joint. 

Limited copies and highly recommended if you're into the dubby side of electronic music... 


Matt says: Rich n dubby nocturnal movements from two artists tuned deep into the echo chamber.


1. Miris - Mr. Duffy Lived A Short Distance From His Body
2. Norachi - Sunshine

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