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New one from the Detroit family. Strick ushers in Ron Cook to kick off proceedings with "Dance Electric". As quintessentially 7 Days as they come it utilizes unprocessed classic drum boxes with a stripped back but incredibly moving arrangement of bass, gentle electric piano / organ chords and phasing percussion lines. Exquisitely put together with a real sense of warmth and sophistication.

Butterbandz and OB Ignitt come through next with a destructively funky Ignitt b-line. There's no-one programs those analogue synths like OB and "Anarchy" has to be one of his hottest lower ends to date! Seriously need to hear this through the subs.

Generation Next (Big Strick's son if I'm not mistaken) some charging through on side B with a slamming kick and glassy keyboard chords. Again, a thoughtful, stripped back arrangement is what guides things here; harking back to the classic days of house music whist avoid any retro fetish.

Finally, daddy Strick gets involved with one of his rhythmic fantasies. A wooden bass ricocheting nicely against a skeletal drum pattern and echoed-out synth shards.

Honestly, there's few labels and artists which touch the purity and sentiment of house music like these cats. So emotional! 


Matt says: Always loved Big Strick's high sentiment, purist take on house music. Here he's joined by his sons, OB Ignitt and Ron Cook for one of the strongest releases to date on the label.


Big Strick - Jamblaya
ButterBandz W. OB Ignitt - Anarchy
Generation Next - Hot Girls, Cold Beer
Ron Cook - Dance Electric 

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