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With his newest outing 'This Is What I Mean', it's clear Sormzy has significantly developed from platinum debut 'Gang Signs & Prayer' and even ascended his follow-up 'Heavy Is The Head' in both incendiary prose and dynamic drive. While there are elements of classic british grime in the mix (and at some points it's more classic than others), there is an orchestral intensity and untethered creativity that could only have come from the man himself, effortlessly spanning soul and funk, with more than a toe in moern R&B. 'Hide & Seek' in particular flips the script a little, featuring some of his most melodic work to date with lounge keys and infrequent electronic percussion propping up the undeniably talented vocal performances and falling somewhere between the familiar lounging groove of his less scathing pieces and the fiery grime beats of olde. 

Stormzy's strength has always been centred around his ability to inject a conversational familiarity into the most note-perfect performance, coming across as both intensely honest and self-effacingly funny while remaining unfalteringly skilled and in-the-moment. This is possibly the most noticeable on 'This Is What I Mean', surpassing his previous outings in cinematic scope, and conceptual intensity. An important release, undoubtedly but most of all a *really* great listen. 'There's a Lot To The Vibe' he sings, hitting the nail on the head once again and cementing his place in music history. 


Barry says: A perfectly balanced mixture of terse political grime pieces and swooning soulful R&B numbers, perfectly produced and as scathing as ever. Stormzy hasn't been shy of steering away from his musical roots, but on 'This Is What I Mean' possibly presents his most expansive and genre-spanning LP to date.


CD Track List
1. Fire + Water
2. This Is What I Mean
3. Firebabe
4. Please
5. Need You
6. Hide & Seek
7. My Presidents Are Black
8. Sampha’s Plea
9. Holy Spirit
10. Bad Blood
11. I Got My Smile Back
Give It To The Water

LP Track List
Disc 1
Side A
Fire & Water
This Is What I Mean
Side B
Need You
Hide & Seek

Disc 2
Side A
My Presidents Are Black
Sampha’s Plea
Holy Spirit
Side B
Bad Blood
I Got My Smile Back
Give It To The Water

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