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IDLE 065

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Idle Hands

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Bruce, K-Lone, Rhythmic Theory and Glances line-up on this tearing 12" comp. The 12" brings these four artists who have close ties to Chris Farrell’s Bristol-based label and shop.

Bruce with a contemplative dancefloor dub in tribute to Alex T, esteemed Leeds record shop worker and DJ - sadly taken from us too young.

K-Lone delivers a subtle and subby house roller.

Rhythmic Theory makes a final appearance with a bumpy and bassy techno track.

Glances bring a deft funkiness to the broken techno sound.

This is the end of a chapter. The last Idle Hands release for the time being. The shop continues and new projects beckon.


Matt says: Bristol-based record shop and label Idle Hands complete their recent run of discs with a forward-facing, future-proof V/A offering that'll satiate those with a penchant for bass n beats.


Glances - Swagger In Bricks
Rhythmic Theory - The Black Forest
Bruce - Gary Deep's Snyder Dreams
K-Lone - Sub Club

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