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Powerplay EP

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Altered Circuits

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DMX Krew has been turning out electronic music from his analog-laden studio since 1994. He has built a discography nothing short of prolific. He mixes tech savvy with a firm understanding of club music and a penchant for catchy and clever hooks. The “Powerplay EP” forms a great display of this. On the A-side, "House Twerp" works up the sparks as a gentle bassline, bubbly synths and bright chords rub against one another. "I love Kevin" continues along the opener's groovy tone, but with the tempo pitched up a notch, a cheerful brass lead and vintage transposed vocal samples, it full on targets the floor. It is a slab of feel-good machine funk, ideal for brightening a room that is far from having its lights turned on. "Masked Man" on the B-side is the most bare-bones club track of the collection. The twitchy lead is modulated left and right: set to a subtly crushed drum track, its tension is continuously building and falling backwards. Closer and title track "Powerplay" is a sparse and subtle slow-builder. Flanged percussion, menacing chords and a classic roving bass sequence are the central ingredients for this muggy and eerie house cut. ALT003 provides a diverse selection, entirely in correspondence with the artist's ability to create within a wide array - from rude electro to synth pop and a lot of the space in between. Ed DMX never really cared much about how his music is categorized, though. And rightfully so, as, even if it indeed tackles many genres, in the end it only sounds like him.


Matt says: Ed's back at the dials with an uplifting EP full of twangy basslines, squidgy synths and kinetic drums. A singular, visionary and prolific composer that's a definite UK dance music treasure.


Side 1
1. House Twerp
2. I Love Kevin
Side 2
1. Masked Man
2. Powerplay

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