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Planet Mu owner Mike Paradinas (a.k.a. µ-Ziq) wraps up 2022 with his 3rd release of new material this year. ‘Hello’ is the mirror image of the ‘Goodbye EP’. The intensity is heightened, the breaks more manic and melodies inhabit every corner. The material is the final chapter of the ‘Magic Pony Ride’ material and even includes another version of that track. 'Iggy’s Song’ has a slowed down sample of Mike’s son screaming, ‘Ávila’ is an ode to his father’s hometown in Spain and ‘Green Chaos’ even includes a nod to RP Boo. On Side B things get more interesting. ‘Pyramidal Mind Dispersion’ slows things down while amping up the tension, Modulating Angel is at drum & bass tempo but with a choir of angels from hell in the background, while the final two tracks recall the experimentation and melodies of Lunatic Harness.


1. Hello
2. Iggy's Song
3. Magic Pony Ride (Pt.3)
4. Green Chaos
5. Ávila
1. Pyramidal Mind Dispersion
2. Modulating Angel
3. Pentagonal Antiprism
4. Metabidiminished Icosahedron

01. Hello
02. Iggy's Song
03. Magic Pony Ride (Pt.3)
04. Green Chaos
05. Ávila
06. Pyramidal Mind Dispersion
07. Modulating Angel 08 Pentagonal Antiprism
09. Metabidiminished Icosahedron
10. Goodbye VIP
11. Giddy All Over
12. Moise
13. Rave Whistle
14. Rave Whistle (Darkside Mix)
15. Rave Whistle (Jungle Tekno Mix)

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