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Spirit World Field Guide (Instrumental Version)

Image of Aesop Rock - Spirit World Field Guide (Instrumental Version)Image of Aesop Rock - Spirit World Field Guide (Instrumental Version)
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Following the success of Aesop Rock's most recent solo album, Spirit World Field Guide, he returns to deliver the instrumental version of those interdimensional adventures. Aesop has long been celebrated for his talents as a lyricist, but he has continually grown and evolved as a producer as well. While the original Spirit World Field Guide was packed with insightful chapters of firsthand know-how into the terrain, wildlife, and social customs of our parallel universe, the Spirit World Field Guide Instrumentals not only set the tone but also provide the roadmap for you to take your own journey. Welcome to the Spirit World. Explore with intention.


1. Hello From The Spirit World (Instrumental)
2. The Gates (Instrumental)
3. Button Masher (Instrumental)
4. Dog At The Door (Instrumental)
5. Gauze (Instrumental)
6. Pizza Alley (Instrumental)
7. Crystal Sword (Instrumental)
8. Boot Soup (Instrumental)
9. Coveralls (Instrumental)
10. Jumping Coffin (Instrumental)
11. Holy Waterfall (Instrumental)
12. Flies (Instrumental)
13. Salt (Instrumental)
14. Sleeper Car (Instrumental)
15. 1 To 10 (Instrumental)
16. Attaboy (Instrumental)
17. Kodokushi (Instrumental)
18. Fixed And Dilated (Instrumental)
19. Side Quest (Instrumental)
20. Marble Cake (Instrumental)
21. The Four Winds (Instrumental)

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