Adrien Calvet

Le Doigt De Toto EP

Image of Adrien Calvet - Le Doigt De Toto EP
Record Label
Pantai People

About this item

French firecracker Adrien Calvet shacks up on those sun-kissed Bali shores providing a luscious EP for Pantai People’s fifth release. Soulful serenity underpinned by bumping house grooves with that distinctive French feel.

On the A, title track ‘Le Doigt De Toto’ kicks off the journey with its infectious bassline, sweeping pads and absorbing vocals. Beachside or boothside, this one hits just right. Berlin’s Cinthie then works her magic giving it a late night, heads down, deep house rework.

Flip it for another two gems, the jazz-infused, acid-tinged ‘Riesling’ featuring Coupe Melba that slips down like a smokey Negroni with an added kick and the slap bass channelling, cosmic percussive workout ‘Esperance’.


A1. Le Doigt De Toto
A2. Le Doigt De Toto (Cinthie Remix)
B1. Riesling (Ft. Coupe Melba)
B2. Esperance

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