EYE-BM EP - Inc. Alexander Robotnick Remix

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Slow Motion

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Something very special here from Slow Motion. Recorded while experimenting with gear at CIMM studios (Venice Biennale’s center for computer music which Bottin co-designed in 2019), "EYE-BM" is a joint release between two of our Italo's heaviest hitters: Fabrizio Mammarella and the aforementioned Bottin. "EYE-BM" is three tracks of highly kinetic electro-disco. Gated sequencers, nagging acid, celestial pads and vintage drum boxes all gearing up to create the soundtrack for the Saturday night's cybernetic disco party! Analogue squelches and swirls, dark vox and lashings of modern club energy ensure this certified amyl-huffing monster keeps us chugging till dawn!

Alexander Robotnick contributes a serious uplifting remix; he transposes the melody into heavenly realms, programming a star-studded keyboard preset and turning up the gated reverb on his drum machines - a completely engrossing piece of which the Italian legend is famous for constructing.

Absolutely class. A must for modern Italo / electro-disco lovers or anyone with a penchant for the aCieEd and the CHUG!!!! 


Matt says: Specialist tackle for the Red Laser'd dancefloors. Alexander Robotnick, as always, in supremely fine style. EYE-BM defo onto summat with their machines too - this is authentic, real deal electro-disco folks. Very big in MCR and Italy!


1 EYE-BM 1
2 EYE-BM 1 (Alexander Robotnick Remix)
3 EYE-BM 2
4 EYE-BM 3

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