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On his fourth EP, Tim Crombie aka A Psychic Yes invites us to follow him off the beaten track – or dancefloor. With their mix of leftfield grooves, intuitive instrumentation and dreamlike field recordings, these cuts apply club principles to the soundscape of a distant yet familiar world. A bus radio clamours in a terminus in South India. Industrious algorithms go about their daily routines. The sun breaks through a dense canopy, illuminating the damp undergrowth and the psychedelic critters that call it home. Close your eyes and let your mind and feet lead you.


Matt says: Market leaders of shamanic house come strong with warehouse freakster A Psychic Yes whose potent concoction of rainforest sonics, squelchy lysergic breaks and chakra-tuning buzz n hum should deliver a Peak Experience for all. Samadhi!


A1. Moss
A2. Excellent Cave Theme
B1. Sugar Today, Tomorrow
B2. Blood Moon

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