Unsane - 2022 Reissue

Image of Unsane - Unsane - 2022 Reissue
Record Label
Lamb Unlimited

About this item

First ever vinyl reissue.

By 1991, after a few short years and a devastating setback (their 1989 debut 12" on the soon to shutter Circuit Records wouldn’t be released until 2020) Unsane had quickly became a mainstay in New York noise & heavy music scenes. Their growing intensity, combined with a strong DIY touring approach, influenced this greatly iconic album.

Decades after the initial release of the self-titled, it’s impossible to deny or underestimate the musical evolution of the 90’s without including Unsane. Combining the abrasive noise-rock with corrosive and powerful distorted vocals, furious pulsations of bass and drums, Unsane had broken down the doors of noise-rock of the 90’s.

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