The Ektachrome Dawn

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Tonight's Dream Records

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*NOTE - Cheaper price due to slightly damaged sleeve

The second release on Tonight’s Dream Records is delivered by Baltimore-based ambient and new-school Kosmische guitar musician PJ Dorsey, better known as Tarotplane. "The Ektachrome Dawn" follows on from the stunning "Horizontology" (12th Isle) and "Light Self All Others" (Impatience). He describes the album as a collage of work collated since 2017. Drawing in on inspirations from guitar-oriented psych and modern ambient music, using elements he values and revere in older 70’s head records and mixes it with modern techniques and influences. The tracks fuse traditional rock music, ethereal ambient textures and downtempo electronica, blended together seamlessly to create an engaging and unique listen throughout.

The artwork has once again been designed by Tonight’s Dream Art Director Jonny Edmund-Jones. The circular sun collage was formed from various textures and curves collected over time - a similar idea as each of Tarotplane's tracks, starting as separate pieces. When the collage curves are viewed together, they create a whole/circle/sun, like the completed album.

The album has been mastered by prolific producer and mastering engineer Rafael Anton Irisarri at Black Knoll Studio who has worked on album for artists such as Inhmost, Juliana Barwick, Grouper, Steve Hauschildt, Loscil, Telefon Tel Aviv and Tycho amongst hundreds of others. 


Matt says: Meeting somewhere between Manual Gottsching and Steve Reich, Tarotplane’s harmonious repetition and minimalism; drifting between blissed out kraut rock and dreamy ambience, is a soothing balm for our troubled times. Transcendental escapism for muddled minds. Unreal.


A1. Regular Magic
A2. Traveling By Sound
A3. Dissolve Into Sun
A4. A Holographic Conversation
B1. A Symbolic Gesture
B2. Disguised As The Sky
B3. While Mapping Mountains
B4. Allowing For Space
B5. Ektachrome Dawn

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