Profound Mysteries III

Image of Röyksopp - Profound Mysteries III

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Profound Mysteries III will bring the acclaimed series to a climax, having worked with a cast of global visual and musical collaborators to create an incredible 30 tracks, 30 artefacts, 30 visualisers and 30 films that have been revealed throughout the year.


Barry says: The final and arguably most impactful piece in Röyksopp's stunning 'Profound Mysteries' collection. A mix of technical electronica, shadowy dub and immersive ambient into a dynamically complex, but wonderfully listenable whole. Another top release from Röyksopp.


01. So Ambiguous Feat. Jamie Irrepressible
02. Me&Youphoria
03. Stay Awhile Feat. Susanne Sundfør
04. The Night Feat. Alison Goldfrapp
05. Lights Out Feat. Pixx
06. Speed King
07. The Next Day Feat. Jamie Irrepressible
08. Just Wanted To Know Feat. Astrid S
09. Feel It Feat. Maurissa Rose
10. Like An Old Dog Feat. Pixx

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