Projet De Vie

Tapis Roulant

Image of Projet De Vie - Tapis Roulant
Record Label
Polytechnic Youth

About this item

A first UK vinyl outing for amazing Normandy FR based, minimal synth musician Yann Lelias’ Projet De Vie. Following a number of cassette and digital only releases across labels such as Woodford Halse and wonderful French synth label and occasional PY collaborators, Err Rec.

Two killer slices of icy cool, stripped down electronica- A side “Tapis Roulant” is a driving, sequence based monster of a post-industrial, DAF / Fad Gadget banger which ticks all yr boxes for your modern day vintage / analogue nut; drum machines, slightly edgy, neon strip light film clip etc etc…

The flip moves more into early-days-of-mute synth pop territory a la early Vince Clarke with a sci-fi S/T kinda feel. 

Another lovely PY 45 beautifully sleeved in its ‘tip o’ the hat’ red print tracing paper sleeves as a homage to ‘70s BBC library releases. Pressing of 300 and expected to sell out quickly. 

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