Delly Rollies & Friends 82 / Dea Barandana


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Jiwa Jiwa

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It’s one of the best kept secrets of the Indonesian archipelago.

Hidden away on a pop album inspired by The Police, lies ‘Licik’, a deep vocoder funk workout lasting over nine minutes. It’s the first recorded Indonesian song to use the vocoder in such a way.

‘Licik’ is a hauntingly unique track and a testament to the quality of some of the best music the archipelago has to offer. Friends 82, consisting of Delly Rollies, Norman Rachman and the vocoder wizard Harry Sabar, wrote and recorded the track on the spot back in 1981.

The B-side pays tribute to the original song, with a re-contextualisation of the original by Jakarta-born, Bali-based multi-instrumentalist Dea Barandana.

Fully licensed from the songwriter and living legend Harry Sabar, Jiwa Jiwa seeks to offer a platform and hub to build bridges and connect natives of the archipelago and its diaspora around the world, across different generations. Focusing on the music and creating contemporary projects through a variety of disciplines.

The record comes in a custom die cut sleeve with printed inner sleeve and a four page insert with extensive liner notes and photos.


Matt says: Frightfully evocative and up until now scarcely secretive genius from the Indonesian archipelago. Fully licensed and given a deluxe treatment, this one's already sold out at distributor so these are our only copies - you know what to do!


Delly Rollies & Friends 82 - Licik
Dea Barandana - Licik Tribute

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