Catherine Graindorge Feat. Iggy Pop

The Dictator

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A thrilling collaboration between the acclaimed Belgian composer/ instrumentalist Catherine Graindorge and the ever-iconic Iggy Pop.

Haunting string and electronic textures melding with Iggy's baritone, cautionary tales. A deep dive into the heart of these unsettled times.

"Iggy said to send him a track. I began to improvise, and came up with three pieces at home. We communicated and started to exchange ideas." – Catherine Graindorge.

"My contribution is to report, through words, the current threat and the longing for happiness and peace." - Iggy Pop

Graindorge is no stranger to working with others. During her career, in addition to solo work and being part of the band Nile on WaX, she's worked with artists like Nick Cave, Hugo Race and esteemed producer/musician John Parish. From unlikely beginnings, "The Dictator" blazes, two musicians inspiring each other. Graindorge's admiration for Iggy - who was recently awarded this year's prestigious Polaris Prize - has grown as they've worked together. "He represents freedom," she says. "There is something wild and fearless about him that is very inspiring."

That respect is completely mutual. Graindorge's music evokes "chalices, bodices, and old stones. It's European romance and it creeps up on me like a fog; like winter in Venice, like a midnight wind," Pop says, She's an artist "at one with her continent and its canon."


The Dictator
Mud I
Mud II

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