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Hi Tech is a new ghetto-tech group from Detroit partners Milf Melly and King Milo. Seeking to expand on the already forbidable cannon of jit / juke and footwork - they add a lyrical precision and attitude that elevates these tracks from strict dancefloor numbers and into the Hummers, Prius' and block parties of inner city life.

"Cash App" & "Fitness" (featured) are currently rocking all the underground partys in Detroit. The rest of the LP cements the group's particularly potent blend of jit and footwork hybrids - speed up female vox, piston poppin' subs, bubblin' snares and wavy synths their trademark as we speed through the inner city district in a souped up Camaro. Suitable for: tweaking, hot boxing, street racing, trap housin' and doing battle at your local cypher. Recommended!


Matt says: Slick styles from the Motor City as Melly & Milo beef up the jit / footwork blueprint with some feisty new angels and plenty of attitude. With a few nods to techno along the way it's a fully comprehensive Detroit experience.


All A Vibe
Big Prism
FHN Week
Funny Fuckits
I Swear Its A Bop
I'm Pullin Up
In The Field
Milf Milo
Poppin At The Suite
Cash App

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