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From The Floor To The Booth

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Eglo Records

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The ever masterful London based DJ/Producer Shy One is back with a new 5 track EP titled From The Floor To The Booth. Following on from the fuzzy, acidic haze of the vinyl only Crumb Trail 7 inch the new EP encompasses futher rich and eclectic sounds of Shy's musical heritage, London leaning from Broken Beat to Soul, Garage to Grime. The record journeys through and abstracts a variety of styles, tipping its cap to the archtectics of Londons musical underground from Soul II Soul and 4Hero to Loose Ends and Roll Deep. A notion every bit apparent in Shy's eclectic bass heavy, hi-energy club selections. The record is Shy One's most in-depth and ambitious release to date. The artwork is created by Herald Essuman of Artbox London. An incredible London based charity that supports artists with Autism and learning disabilities.


Matt says: A fitting release for Eglo. Shy One merges hi-tech jazz, future beats and grime influences into a smoking hot broth of dancefloor pressure. 10 points for whoever spots them Floating Point patches first!


1. Be As One (feat. Simeon Jones)
2. Scorpio Sun
3. B*tch U Better
4. Bird Bop
5. Stoned Alone

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