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Emotinium '22

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Emotional Response

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Five years after the original 12" caused one of the biggest panics / buy-ups known in acid house's recent history, the infamous Roy Of The Ravers returns with fresh updates to "Emotinium". Included in this new package (with a flip on the original artwork) is the original 20 minute version, a seriously sick ambient / half-tempo thing which could easily be segued into jungle DJ sets and, the money shot, the "Rave '22" version - which re-arranges the heartfelt original as summat more agro, rugged and rave ready. Deploying skewed breakbeats, mangled vox and some proper melon-twisting lysergic sfx; that brain melting hook is given pistons and kryptonite energy - cementing it as an immortal piece of rave weaponry. Completely essential whether you bagged the original or not - I'm seriously digging these new tweaks, and of course it's dreamy to have that 20 minute OG on fresh wax again (I devastating dropped my copy on the floor of the POMONA RAVE, 2018 which resulted in a large scrape all the way across side B off all the dirt and gravel on the floor; a fitting death for an unlikely lord). Limited copies!


Matt says: "Emotinium" might be the biggest acid release of the last decade. The first pressing is feverishly (and quite aggressively) collected. ROTR, the people's champion, brings forth two new versions including a brilliant DnB / half-time 'ambient dub' which drum & bass DJs are surely gonna go nuts for. Included is the original 20 minute version, leaving discogs sharks hungry in the pool whilst the ravers get to dance again!


Side 1
1. Emotinium (Rave '22) (7:27)
2. Emotinium (Ambient Dub) (7:55)
Side 2
1. Emotinium (original Demo Mix) (20:00)

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