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Now I Got Worry - 2022 Reissue

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Now I Got Worry is the fifth studio album by Jon Spencer Blues Explosion.

It was originally released via Matador Records on October 15, 1996.

Now I Got Worry begins with a tortured scream (on the opening declaration of ostracization "Skunk") and ends face down in the dub sewage of "Sticky", with hardcore blitzkriegs ("Identify") and profane Dub Narcotic covers ("Fuck Shit Up") in between.

Now I Got Worry sees the trio adapting to the bluesman's brand of hypnotic, in-the-pocket electric blues, but filtering it through the cut-and-paste funk aesthetic favored by contemporaries like Beck, the Beastie Boys, and Cibo Matto.

The fifth Blues Explosion album captures "their taut, blazing, live sound and their eccentric studio approach with a better balance than anything else in their catalog; if you want to get slapped upside the head while you boogie all night long, this is the album for you" - Allmusic.


1. Skunk
2. Identify
3. Wail
4. Fuck Shit Up
5. 2Kindsa Love
6. Love All Of Me
7. Chicken Dog
8. Rocketship
9. Dynamite Lover
10. Hot Shot
11. Can't Stop
12. Firefly Child
13. Eyeballin'
14. R.L. Got Soul
15. Get Over Here
16. Sticky

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