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Fresh as you like UK hardcore here from our very own locale. Erupt are two releases in and are causing a ruckus across the warehouse and industrial spaces currently being repurposed for the party people across the northwest. Specializing in hardcore, jungle, bounce and even donk (!), it's an edgy, grassroots label the kind of which your Eclipse-sporting, pill head casualty of an older brother would have gone nuts in '94.

Third release in and it's label head Bullet X providing the ruckus on this excursion. Kicking off with the brutal hardcore of "My Mate From The Estate", which bombs around said housing project in a souped up Nova with this blaring from the cassette deck and the subwoofers turned up to the max! Reminds me of being driven home from year 11 by a sixth former from Edenfield wondering if I'll make it home in one piece or not. Ramped up pianos, blazing subbass and a plethora of vintage rave samples - monstrous Bowlers vibes on this one massive!

"That Drip" continues the stranglehold with more plumes of deep bass, agro rave stabs and breakbeats to rip you a new one. Add a few well placed rastaman vox and some sharp twists to the arrangement and you've got another hyperactive beaver in bassbins!

"No Loss" sees the Thunderdome erupt into a blazing finale, a kicking 4/4 gluing together donk sounds, hip-house vocal snips and an array of tumbling breaks until a spine-shuddering female vox hook propels us into a loved up euphoria - keen for one last rush before the lights come on. 


Matt says: Third release from this burgeoning Manchester label. Boosting the musical cannons of the feral northern dance tribes with a tasty mix of hardcore, jungle, donk and breaks. Whistle cru!


A1 My Mate From The Estate
B1 That Drip
B2 No Loss

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