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Salford City Records

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Salford City Records turn their attention to Powerhouse - the duo of Hamilton Dean & Julian Slatter who had a brief run of club records in the late 90s. "The Finest" was a self-released promo 12" from 1997 and has become a rare relic from this era.

Salford City hit the power thrusters and drop four tasty remixes of the track by Pierre Feroldi, Paul S and the inhouse team of Project D and James Sempie. Feroldi's version probably stays closest to the anthemic original - utilizing that pitched up, sugar soaked yearning vocal to devastating effect and adding extra vocal chop SFX.

Paul S's 'Euro' remix is dangerously happy hardcore in its execution, containing proper hoover breakdowns, 'rock the place' vocal chops, non-stop breakdowns and relentless pianos. Whistle cruuu!!

On the flip "Not Forgotten Movin' Now" slows the tempos and deploys some sweepings 303s; utilizing fierce stabs and a psychedelic groove for a juddering, mid-session slather that should have gurnbots writhing all over each other in a pilled up mess! Excellent! If that wasn't enough, Project D and Sempie head straight to the waltzers for an flawless demonstration of Proper Fairground Tackle. Candyfloss and a chase of older lads not included!

Another retrotastic stormer from Salford City Records! 


Matt says: Phwwwaooooor! Sugar-rushing fairground tackle here strictly for the waltzers and feral nightclubs of the north. Strange how tracks as sweet as this can unify hordes of the most hardy working class warriors who'll have their tops off in no time when this drops. Like main-lining 10 Rockstars for breakfast.


A1 The Finest (Pierre Feroldi Remix)
A2 The Finest (Paul S Euro Mix)
B1 Not Forgotten Movin' Now
B2 The Finest (Project D & James Sempie Remix)

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