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Crosstown Rebels Present SPIRITS V

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Crosstown Rebels return to their "Spirits" compilation; first showcased in 2017 and now an annual occurrence.

NYC-native Layla Benitez leads proceedings with "Fides", a progressive-leaning, introspective number that retains an inherent danceability throughout. It kicks off the compilation with a driving energy, one that’s perfectly matched by "Trabajar" - the Crosstown Rebels debut of recent Hot Creations inductee Mr.Diamond.

A techy-inspired cut, punchy four-four drum patterns create a distinctive late-night feel, as UK-talent Denney soon arrives with "Kill The Soundboy". Showcasing the groove-laced house sound with which he’s become best known, the near seven-minute piece is sure to light up many a club setting this year, paving the way for "Talk To Me". It’s a collaborative venture between Munich-based artist ASK:ME and El Muerto, with Soulfoot featuring on vocals. Retaining a vintage Detroit style, the fast-paced tempo creates a natural excitement before Romanian-born mainstay GruuvElement’s gifts us the minimal-toned "Boom Room". Building with tribal-like percussion and salsa-inspired instrumentals, it’s a playful excursion into dance music’s outer realms, paving the way for young Peruvian producer Chinonegro with "My Moment". Whether it be the pluck of a guitar string or a jazzy trumpet solo, there’s an inherent authenticity to the six-minute piece, as a mid-track breakdown gives way to whispering hats and a rhythmic underlying backbone.

The penultimate offering comes from French-born, London-based regular Maglia, who serves up the enchanting "Rayiys". The chirping of birds resides atop an ever-changing bassline, leaving us open and ready for the VA’s closing saga: "Thanks Moon", by Spain’s I AM JAS. A heady combination of beautiful lyrical contributions combines with softly moving electronic elements, to leave us in a state of calm, inward reflection. Rounding off proceedings on a note of quietude, it reminds us of the final moments in clubland, transporting our psyche to sunrise, fond memories and everything in between.

Over a period of nineteen years, Damian Lazarus’ Crosstown Rebels has evolved into a world-renowned institution, garnering global audiences thanks to a consistent schedule of quality releases. The roster is international, showcasing how Crosstown has shaped a truly global scene. Releases are born in different continents by artists who hail from different countries, resulting in a sound that resonates worldwide. Perhaps most pivotal to the label’s success is its musical output: no part is governed by boundary or genre. It’s underpinned by a truly eclectic sound, one that reflects the diversity of Damian’s love for music itself. An album from drum and bass icon DJ Krust here, a maiden LP from Audiojack there… traversing genres has been Damian’s forte for decades - and Crosstown epitomizes that as a result.


A1. Layla Benitez - Fides
A2. Mr.Diamond - Trabajar
B1. Denney - Kill The Soundboy
B2. ASK:ME & El Muerto Ft. Soulfoot - Talk To Me
C1. GruuvElement's - Boom Room
C2. Chinonegro - My Moment
D1. Magila - Rayiys
D2. I AM JAS - Thanks Moon

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