That's When The Panic Sets In

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The long awaited debut album from ROE – winner of Northern Irish Music Prize’s Best Emerging Artist. Recorded and Produced by Tommy McLaughlin (Villaghers/SOAK) in the wilds of Donegal in 2021, ‘That’s When The Panic Sets In’ is truly vibrant release, with rich contrast between ROE’s introspective anxieties and the colourful palette that she’s thrown across them. Hear the development and evolution of an artist and their style in real time over the course of 12 joyous, introspective and beautiful tracks.


1. New Behaviours
2. I Dare You
3. A Temporary Thing
4. I Can Change
5. Scared Of Being Lonely
6. One In A Million
7. Cold Feet
8. Losing Sleep
9. In The End
10. Kidding Yourself
11. Cut My Teeth
12. Alarms

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