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Unity Is Strength - Trojan Records Presents...

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A collection of powerful songs from across the Trojan catalogue, calling for unity and solidarity.

Trojan Records played a pivotal role in bringing Jamaican music to the UK and Europe; not only did it provide comfort and a sense of home for the Caribbean community living in the UK, but it also became an outlet for many thousands of white, working class youths, drawn to the exciting new sounds of reggae. This in turn created a new youth subculture within the UK.

Trojan became more than a music label, it also brought people together through culture, style and fashion. For the first time, people of all races and creeds would unite in the dancehalls, and friendships blossomed because people shared a common love for one thing - the music.

This collection of songs communicates an intergenerational, international story that, on the one hand, elucidates the black experience; on the other, repeats the call for us all to come together in unity


1. Desmond Dekker & The Aces – Unity
2. The Heptones – Peace And Harmony
3. Dennis Brown – Revolution
4. Ken Boothe – Freedom Street
5. U Roy & The Jamaicans – Peace And Love
6. The Maytals – We Shall Overcome
1. The Ethiopians – One Heart, One Love
2. Delroy Wilson – Conference Table
3. The Melodians – Let's Join Hands (Together)
4. The Maytones – Black And White
5. The Viceroys – We Must Unite
6. Nicky Thomas – Love Of The Common People
1. Ken Boothe – Freedom Day
2. Delroy Wilson – Better Must Come
3. Dennis Brown – Equal Rights
4. Lee Perry & The Upsetters – Justice To The People
5. Danny Ray – White And Wonderful, Black And Beautiful
6. Junior Byles – Demonstration
1. Bob Andy – Life
2. Max Romeo – Don't Be Prejudice
3. Sharon Black – Struggling
4. Ken Boothe – Is It Because I'm Black?
5. Billy Dice & The Untouchables – Unity Is Love

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