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The Pearl

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"The Pearl" is a collaboration between Planteaterz and the mercurial NYC rap-mystic, Sensational. The EP features four songs recorded in the winter of 2021 with Sensational on the mic and eaterz on production, and is accompanied by instrumentals and killer remixes by Maara, J. Albert, and Lowjack.

"The Pearl" is a sound, a world, and definitely a vibe. It's got that truly underground, leftfield hip-hop vibe naied to a T; sounding decidedly fresh and futuristic - gloopy, sci-fi leaning soundscapes with unique, gritty, asphalt-huffing vocal deliveries. If you liked the Boldy James / Sterling Toles colab "Manger On McNichols", or the darker side of Earl Sweatshirt, or even stuff by The Bug - you're sure to find plenty of action here. 


Matt says: The story of Sensational is an interesting one (check out the youtube link below). A Jekyll and Hyde creative who's had spells of homelessness & addiction. This LP with the ingenious Planteaterz is pretty special if you're into the wonky and darkside of leftfield hip-hop.


A1. Fancy Shit
A2. Freak Like This (Vocal)
A3. You Don’t Know Me Like That
A4. The Flame
A5. Untitled
B1. The Flame (Low Jack Remix)
B2. You Don’t Know Me Like That (J. Albert Remix)
B3. You Don’t Know Me Like That (Maara Remix)
B4. Freak Like This (Instrumental)


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