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Running Back

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Absolute cutting-edge banger here from New York's Anthony Naples who debuts on Running Back. "Swerve" gets us underway with hard house-indebted hoovers and iconic 'donk' b-line. His kicks slam hard too, and when that glacial gated vox pattern drifts in we're thrust into a deep nightclub hypnosis few can resist!

"Here With You" is a hard edged stadium tickler, a delectable percussion array combining with expertly programmed sub bass and a niggling acid line for a techy n tough mid session burner that you can imagine is always doing the rounds at the more progressive global dances.

"Right As The Sun Goes" is a fiercy forward focused sun set track. One of those that the right DJ knows just when to drop - after a long hard afternoon session just as those red warm rays start to dance off the mountain tops = maximum crowd exstaticness!

Finally, "Be To" concludes proceedings with an ethereal, driving techno ride. Pluming bass, swelling pads, hypnotic perx; it's all there to suck you right into its acidic pumping wormhole, spitting you out into a it's jet streamed ascent.

Incredible stuff from Anthony Naples here, I'd go as far as to say might be my favourite record here's done. Supremely advanced yet losing no dancefloor sensibilities, this is the kinda shit you go to nightclubs to hear! 100% recommended! 


Martin says: Open-air slammers (with hoovers!) from NY's Anthony Naples who keeps the fires burning well after sundown on this four track EP that's allll hitter zero shitter.


A1. Swerve
A2. Here With You
B1. Right As The Sun Goes
B2. Be To

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