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Moog Groove

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Chicago native and deep house don Dave Maze drops a tasty two-track, one-sided doozy on D&E, straight outta his windy city.

"Moog Groove" is the kinda luxurious, percussion driven, organ-fuelled deep house groove you'd usually expect from Moods And Grooves or Ron Trent's Electric Blue series.

"Space Disco" is more, well, disco flavoured, with Dave utilizing a hooky clav and bass phrase, adding seared synth strings, female vox and what I think are flute stabs. It's still got that loopy, house sensibility but the instrumentation should guide it alongside more organic, disco-centric material.

Top drawer stuff - limited copies - move quick! 


Matt says: Understated and luxurious deep house and disco-house double header from the delectable John Maze. If you dig Ron Trent and Glenn Underground this one's for you.


1. Moog Groove (6:04)
2. Space Disco (6:51)

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