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The Worst Edits Vol 3

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Jamal Moss keeps up the momentum on his resurrected Members Only series, bringing forth two more volumes this week. Volume 3 kicks us off with a frenzied percussive disco jam, "Sweet Back - those wild congas, cowbells and clavs combining into a frothing, dizzying mess that'll cause dancer's feet to spark ignition against the wooden dancefloor - forest fire alert!

"Journey Into Ur Feelings" is equally rampant, pots and pans drums flailing out of control against female whoops and intermissive bass trills before Jamal lets all the tape heads loose against one of those gigantium Philly disco joints he keeps to himself that's like a pressure cooker about to pop! Dynamic disco explosion here folks - stand well back unless you want to be smothered in disco ball destruction!

"Restart The Flame" takes a tempting disco drum loop that's just outta my current radar range and atomizes it against the chorus of Dan Hartman's "Relight My Fire" - resulting in a discombobulating push-push whirlpool that gathers a concentric building energy ready for skilled DJs to utilize like radioactive isotopes in the nightclub reactor.

A truly combustible 12" from the master editor and Ron Hardy advocate - highly recommended! 


Matt says: Two more from the hallowed Members Only vaults. Exclusive edits for the more risk-taking audio collagers that pursue that authentic Muzic Box flavour.


A1. Sweet Back & Pound Cake
A2. Journey Into Ur Feelings
B1. Restart The Flame
B2. Binary Disfunction

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