John Turrell

The Kingmaker

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Jalapeno Records

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British soul royalty John Turrell's classic debut solo album 'The Kingmaker' is given a much-deserved release on a limited edition yellow vinyl LP. Delivering eleven stunning raw vocal performances on emotionally searing tracks, Turrell manages to span upbeat northern soul jaunts, downtempo bluesy groovers and emotive ballads in a cohesive collection that never ceases to treat the listener.

Created with writing partner and producer Nick Faber as a reflection and meditation on the ebb and flow of a normal man's life, authenticity and relatability are two key characteristics of the writing style on this record. While it is an album that references a diverse set of influences there is an unmistakable soul and blues sensibility that courses throughout the tracks. There are the same recognisable soaring vocals and heartfelt lyricism from the 'Smoove & Turrell' frontman that long term fans are used to (Smoove even lent a helping hand with engineering duties on the record) however this is undoubtedly a case of John running his own show.


1. To The City
2. The Temper
3. Wrong Time
4. Low
5. The Kingmaker
6. These Things
7. Eating Stones
8. Chasing Shadows
9. Stella Maris
10. Won't Get Fooled Again
11. Home

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