Joy Orbison

Pinky Ring

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XL Recordings

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Blink-and-you'll-miss it, ultra limited Joy O 10" here on XL with a tricksy double-header of new music.

Spacious and tricksy, "Pinky Ring" displays the produces technical skills beautifully. Utilizing a pitch bent and gated vox alongside a swirling sub bass riff and elements of static, Joy O constructs a groovy and gliding yet rugged nightclub construction that's sure to become a staple in most bass music DJs record boxes. Restraint his key feature as always, the various elements hit hard and with focus; the track possesses a magical ability to work in both mainrooms and backrooms.

"Redvelve7" on da flip creeps in on discordant and misshaped waveforms, creating a vacuum-packed tension that's ready to pop when the drums drop. Again, Joy O's unmatched production prowess really shines, toying with dynamics and energy throughout this forward focused cut; keeping the number of elements low and continuously fucking with them throughout, keeping us hooked and breathless till the end of its duration.

After blessing us with the more home listening focused "Still Slippin'", it's champion to see Joy drop a club-wrecking record. Move quick! 


Matt says: Sure to disappear quicker than Rishi Sunak's winter energy subsidiary; a new one from the talented Mr. Orbsion. Skeletal yet mammoth dancefloor tracks to make you giddier than a sugar rush.


Pinky Ring

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