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Ritual Release

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California-based label Ritual Release introduce new & as-yet unknown duo Guruku. "Love Runaway" is their absolutely massive debut EP and comes with remixes by disco don Ray Mang.

Title track "Love Runaway" features criminally underheard Tamara Lee on vocals and co-writing duties. With a bassline and chord progression that sounds like "She Can't Love You" slowed right now, the track is instantly arresting, a kind of 'how've I not heard this before' moment where you immediately require the ID and release date. I'm not kidding; anyone with penchant for Roisin Murphy or Crazy P is gonna totally wet their pants they hear this. Might be one of the biggest new disco 12"s of the year thus far!

LA funk / R&B / future twang auteur Harriet Brown (Innovative Leisure, Phantom Island, World Building) provides guest vocals on the EP’s second original track, "Crimped Hair". Equally as crucial as that first hit; it glides on a modern soul vibe - all suspended synth-strings, vintage Linn drum pops and a sexy, smoochy vocal delivery.

On the flip, Ray Mang delivers two versions of "Love Runaway". As per standard, it's a faultless touch up, beefing up the boogie decoration with multitude synth niggles, squirls and sweeps. It's gonna be tough to decide whether to plump for this or the original when out in the field - they're equally brilliant and guaranteed to ignite any dancefloor!

Bill Brewster's already championing the release and trust us; this is one of the year's essential 12"s - especially if you've a penchant for Maurice Fulton, The Vision, Dreamcast, Crazy P, Roisin Murphy, Star Creature - you know, all that good stuff! 


Matt says: One of those records that the DJ in me doesn't want to tell you about. I'm touting this as no. 1 new disco record of the year! The perfect mix of sexy, stylish, cool and infectious; absolutely essential if you dig Crazy P and Roisin.


Love Runaway Ft Tamara Lee
Crimped Hair
Love Runaway Ft Tamara Lee (Ray Mang Remix)
Love Runaway Ft Tamara Lee (Ray Mang Reprise) 

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