Mutations II: Delicious Intent

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Berlin based producer Aquarian returns on Dekmantel Records’ UFO imprint with part two of the series. "Mutations II” sees more upfront and club focused solo material deftly navigating between cutting edge bass and techno music styles with a feverish intent.

“Delicious Intent” combines brutalized ‘Think’ and other breaks, grinding bass and, when prompting, Belgium-esque hardcore rave stabs. It’s an adrenaline-fueled ride which seems to capture tropes from all corners of the extreme music spectrum.

“A Familiar Place” is more ethereal; lighter but no less urgent. A fast kick ushering through tumbling synth shards, rapid fire hi hats and splashes of jungle snare – all suspended on fairy-like pads that shimmer with unnatural light.

“If U Wanna” deploys breakcore-styled drum mangling and tears apart a plethora of breaks and sfx; toying with pitch and tempo as it does so. It’s the kind of playful yet uncompromising attitude that people used to love about Aphex Twin yet delivered with a ferocious and very modern intent.

“PPPRISM” concludes with a deep Reese DnB roller. The most traditional offering perhaps but with maximum stadium and mainroom potential. Deep subs, classic DnB breaks and emotive synth drones sending it right up into the stratosphere.

A truly impressive EP from Aquarian; will appeal to lovers of fast new music – Shacke, Anz, Finn, Sherell, Kisloty – all that vibe. 


Matt says: Fierce, uncompromising and cutting edge new music here from Aquarian who, like much of the new school, like it hard & fast. He chucks a variety of underground dance styles into the mix - techno, jungle, Belgium rave - and comes up with something deliciously fresh and likely to floor the hardiest night club veteran.


Delicious Intent
A Familiar Place
If U Wanna

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