XL Middleton / Saucy Lady


Image of XL Middleton / Saucy Lady - Daydreaming
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Star Creature

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Star Creature debut for XL Middleton! The G-funk producer from Pasadena, California finally drops some fresh boogie pressure on the highly regarded imprint and is joined by label stalwart Saucy Lady. Active for around 20 years, XL Middleton has previously released on Crown City Entertainment and his own G-House Recordings, amongst others.

Here we get a fat and summery feel-good jam from the producer who drizzles lush synths and squidgy synth bass over a second slap bass line, snapping Linn drums and some dreamy pads. A tasty solo and string-led bridge sections also add to the musicality of this highly desirable track. If you're a boogie bod this is nowt but essential listening. Instrumental included too but I don't see why you wouldn't want the tasty vocal from Saucy Lady serenading your lug-holes. Recommended.


Matt says: Highly anticipated label debut from XL Middleton on Star Creature. "Daydreaming" is dressed in pure sunshine; technicoloured goodness spewing from its stems. A stupendously strong release for this already champion label. Buy on sight!


Side 1
1. Daydreaming (4:05)
Side 2
1. Daydreaming (instrumental) (4:03)

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