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Local lad and big time disco splicer, James Greenwood returns with his cult collected Semi-Skimmed edits series. A regular at Supernature Disco, MCR's infamous soiree; Greenwood is a pivotal player in the city's modern disco scene and therefore these records are feverishly collected.

As usual, he beats me and my co-workers with obscurity; with none of the three tracks easily identifiable to our ears. Importantly however, the source material is highly danceable and infectious - lending to the fruity and slightly camp side of the spectrum, but high energy, with jazz-funk inflections and a wholly organic instrumental palette dictating sound. I'd guess they're all pre-80's cuts with that classic Mancuso / Loft vibe driving us ever closer to the disco ball. JG adds some nice filter tweaks and re-arranges the tracks for maximum impact in 2022; but keeps his touch delicate and subtle, taking away none of the humanity and expression of the original tracks - a skill plenty of fellow edit technicians need to study!

As always full marks - and remember we're difficult to please when it comes to edits! - nice work mate!

Limited copies, no repress - move quick! 


Matt says: Already huge in Manchester, the word's out about this up-and-coming audio surgeon; with much of the world's disco-grabbing collectors slowly gathering like vultures on his bandcamp page. Volume four in the series and we've three frivolous mid-session dancers that'll have the train spotters scanning their wants list.


A1. Tea For Two
A2. Boogie Drunk
B. You Control Me 

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