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Chillmountain Rec

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A three track EP by Ground - the cult DJ and producer based in Osaka, Japan. 

He has released his debut album on ESP institute and other works on Jin, Multi Culti, SVS, Bokeh Version, Hivern and his own label Chillmountain Rec.

"Ozunu" is a three-track EP, including the title track, from an album released digitally on Chillmountain last year in 2021.

Inspired by the old tales of South Osaka, the EP is full of twisty, acidic house, rickety percussion, psychedelic overdubs, and ridiculously fat bass. Chugging synthesizers and squidgy bass notes form a bright, meandering groove. It's brilliantly quirky and one those records that naturally belongs in our WEIRD SHIT section!!! Recommended. 


Matt says: Quirky and singular Japanese producer Ground returns with his own imprint (complete with beautifully eye-splattered artwork) and his own completely unique sound. Lysergic, swampy & shamanic utterances that reference nothing yet connect with all. This is my jam!


1 Ozunu
2 Kanu
3 ň

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