Donald's House

37 South EP

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Wax’o Paradiso Recordings

About this item

Wax’o Paradiso Recordings continues its dive into the extraordinary canon of contemporary Antipodean psychedelia with its second outing on vinyl, four spacious and soaring 'Balearic' [sic] (read: Antipodean) cuts from local duo Donald’s House.

From the glistening textures of "37° South" (featuring renowned Australian percussionist Phil Stroud), to meandering meditative freakouts "Aurora Australis" and "Under the Lilypad", to the Italo new beat muscularity of "Budge-E Beat", Donald’s House are showcasing a constantly evolving versatility and a truly unique take on the acid trip sunrise at the metaphorical Café del Murray. 


Matt says: Australia's dance scene seems creative and fluid at the moment, somehow pure and uncontrived. Seemingly flying their own flag and now with enough of legacy behind it to offer evolution on past themes. Here Donald’s House provides the come-down remedy from the bush doof with four tracks of serenity, texture and bliss.


A1. 37° South
A2. Aurora Australis
B1. Under The Lilypad
B2. Budge-E Beat

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