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Diamonds In The Night Vol. 4

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Bordello A Parigi

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Another assorted selection of modern 'Talo tweakers - I've omitted the 'I' as none of these chuggernauts are from Italy! Faithfully recreating that original electro-disco flavour in much the same way as our treasured Red Laser Records here in the Manchester, Bordello A Parigi are one of the leading lights of the European scene. 

First track, Zakmina's  "Moonlight Opera" is almost a carbon-copy of Count Von Delicious' "I Wonder How Flemming Dalum Is Doing?" - and that ain't no bad thing! - a star lit, heavily galvanized electro-disco BOMB with darting leads, galloping arps and synthesized vox. 

Elfenberg plug into vintage C64 arps on the psychedelic-leaning "Alitalia", tailor made for losing yourself in the smoke post-4AM climax. If you've ever been to Red Laser at The White Hotel here in Manchester I'm sure you've stumbled over on the uneven ground around the middle-back of the dancefloor to tracks like this! 

Some Chemisty's "Euro Connector" has, as the name suggest, a slightly more Euro-dans feel it - squelchy b-line, expansive lead melody and big, cascading reverbs highlighting this as an open-air epic; perfect for uniting the tribes un a big pavilion. Finally, Pete Beluga & Du Chatinier's "Only Shine At Night" concludes with a suitably robo-disco chugathon that'll keep cybernetic dancers motioning until power-down. Top stuff from these market leaders - check! 


Matt says: Bordello A Parigi give our own boys Red Laser Records a run for their turbo thrusters as they turn out a more than adequate collection of Euro-centric 'Talo that adequately competes with our Manctalo offerings. Check!


Zakmina - Moonlight Opera
Elfenberg - Alitalia
Some Chemistry - Euro Connector
Pete Beluga & Du Chatinier - Only Shine At Night

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