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Remastered re-issue from this Italian disco classic from 1981! Recorded at G.R.S. Studios Milano, Itlay; Kano was actually a studio project between Luciano Ninzatti (guitars), Stefano Pulga (keyboards), and Matteo Bonsanto (producer) and vocals from Glen White. Later achieving crossover success with electro and breakdance scenes, many aficionados regard Kano as the embryonic begins of Italo disco.

"New York Cake" features six high grade Italo disco bombs which should also satisfy your hardcore boogie connoisseur. It's chock full of those classic drum boxes that'd go on to epitomize the genre, whilst the hooks and songwriting are unblemished, timeless numbers that'll ignite any dancefloor with a smidgen of taste. It's dashing, cutting fine lines across the club whilst the instrumentation is some of the most highly skilled of this era. In short, it's the under appreciated Italo disco - funk - boogie LP you never knew you needed but you most definitely do! There's not a single note, vocal utterance or drum hit on the whole LP which isn't thoroughly delicious! Most recommended. 


1 Can't Hold Back (Your Loving)
2 She's A Star
3 Baby Not Tonight
4 Party
5 Round And Round
6 Don't Try To Stop Me

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