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The Dream Machine - Vol. 1-3 Compilation

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Modern Sky

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Following support from Mojo, 6Music, Amazing Radio, BBC Introducing and beyond, alongside their first headline dates, shows with The Coral, Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard and more, The Dream Machine have announced details of a vinyl release that collect together each of the band’s four track EPs in one place. Volume 1 - 3 features the twelve tracks released on Volume 1: Sacrements; Volume 2: On The Water and Volume 3: Pooch Slingers’ Wild Round-Up.

The Dream Machine are a four piece from Liverpool who tap into that city’s free flowing wellspring of glorious psychedelic melody; the latest in a long line of dreamers who effortlessly create the kinds of tunes that lodge deep inside your brain and refuse to move on. Twelve of those tunes can be heard on Volume 1 - 3, the collection of The Dream Machine’s EP releases of 2021/22.

Volume 1 - 3 finds The Dream Machine turned on and cranked up into blissful overdrive, blasting out a fuzztone howl (I Still Believe (In Jim Jones)) and daydream campfire soul (Days of Heaven), a woozy barroom stagger (The Sea Is My Friend) and a perfect hit of honeyed sunshine pop (Wild One). It’s the first physical release from a crazily prolific band who’ll be living inside your head before you know it.


01 Introduction
02 Jesus BABE
03 I Still Believe (in Jim Jones)
04 Days Of Heaven
05 Oceans Wide
06 Me And My Ghost
07 The Sea Is My Friend
08 Taking The Reins
09 Too Stoned To Die
10 Wild One
11 Om Kring
12 Peregrine

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