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Is The Conveyor "Understand Each Other"

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The last and most monumental chapter of Lou Ragland’s Cleveland career. Understand Each Other serves as a spiritual magnum opus of generations of soul luminaries from the Forest City. The album opens with the socially conscious title track backed by the full force of the Cleveland Orchestra, gutting out a second place finish to Marvin Gaye’s What’s Going On in both its mission and its mix. This 45th anniversary pressing houses fresh remasters from the original reels in a replica jacket, while Remus Peterson’s handsketched depiction of Lou Ragland as peacemaker implores a sabretoothed tiger and a dove to “Understand Each Other.”


1 Understand Each Other
2 What Happened To The Feeling
3 Since You Said You’d Be Mine
4 Just For Being You (Lovin You)
1 What Should I Do?
2 It’s Got To Change
3 The Next World
4 Understand Each Other (Instrumental)

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