Dystopian Memory

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Dystopian Memory hums and crackles like it's imbued with life and electricity. Looping synth throbs weave around scattered ambient pads and glitched demi-spoken vocal snippets. 'Disconnect Me Like A USB' breathes like an organic being, but pulses of machinated synth and echoic saw wave jabs pull you out of the ether and back into the distant groove. 

It's pieces like 'Virus Pain' or 'Cabin Rainfall' that give the pieces room to breathe, with slowly shifting envelopes crystallising around affirming sub-bass particles, hinting at cyclic melody but beautifully falling short of any sort of predictable melodic route. It's beguiling and monolithic and astounding, all at once.

The choral abstractions of 'Chance For Something' help to lend an air of crescentic beauty, while the flickering electronics and syncopated loops help to stray away from the predictable melodic resolution, confounding traditional and expected routes in favour of the always surprising structural counterpoint.  

Beautifully evocative and unfathomably skilled ambient electronics as ever from the hugely talented Sangam. 


Barry says: Stunning release, beautifully presented from one of the greatest labels in the game. a true ambient electronic gem.


1. Faded Remorse 03:28
2. Disconnect Me Like A USB 04:00
3. Remain Graceful 04:02
4. Virus Pain 03:01
5. High In The Shade 04:33
6. Cabin Rainfall 03:16
7. Bitter Life 04:00
8. Chance For Something 03:14
9. Zonbrid 03:20
10. Forever Dreampunk 07:08

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