Pina Edits

Vol. 8

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The Berlin based cartel return with some spicy splices and deadly dubs, exclusively on 7" vinyl put packing more punch than your average welter weight.

On the A side we have a deftly extended funk workout that just won't quit.

Over on the B, we have a slinky house jam based around a nicely sliced Joe Coleman loop... Both tracks kick like a mule and comes with a galvanized patina that will work brilliantly alongside house and breakbeat flavours in the club. 


Matt says: Pina make a welcome return with two, classy, understated cuts. No idea on source material, but these kickin' edits just get any mid session ticking along nicely. File alongside: Eddie C, Eros, NY Edits, To Rack And Ruin etc etc.


A. Transamazonica
B. Joe's Groove

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